Oracle Applications for Supply Chain Management

For those who have yet to encounter Oracle, they are an American computer-tech corporation that specialise in developing IT hardware systems and enterprise software products, with emphasis on database management systems, including Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications.

As an area of business, Supply Chain Management is always evolving; improvements in efficiency and streamlining are essential to increasing business profits. Modern businesses strive to change their supply chains in to ‘value chains’.

Oracle Applications provide users with an information driver approach to value chain management; solutions are developed to help businesses of all sizes to maximise the efficiency of their value chains.

Oracle’s SCM suite includes a number of applications designed to manage a business’s supply chain, including Value Chain Planning, Value Chain Execution, Product Lifecycle Management, Advanced Procurement, and more.

Oracle allows users of its SCM Software to adopt all applications, as a consolidated and comprehensive suite, or to pick individual applications suited to their businesses’ specific needs. This allows businesses the level of flexibility required to create a self-funding path to value chain transformation.

Oracle has SCM Applications in the follow areas:

Advanced Procurement
Advanced Procurement applications are an integrated suite of smaller apps, designed to significantly reduce the management costs associated with procurement. Spending on goods and services is reduced, and procurement processes are streamlined. Advanced Procurement applications include iProcurement, iSupplier Portal, Payables, Purchasing, and many more.

Value Chain Execution (VCE)
Oracle’s VCE suite is a comprehensive collection of applications which work in harmony to provide users with a vast arrangement of logistics capabilities. It allows users to combine Oracle’s E-Business Suite and individual applications, ensuring maximised flexibility in the purchasing, design and implementation of supply chain solutions. VCE applications include Transportation Management, Landed Cost Management, Warehouse Management, In-Memory Logistics Command Center, and more.

Order Orchestration and Fulfillment
Designed to drive responsive and accurate product delivery, Oracle’s Order Orchestration and Fulfillment applications support the planning, configuration, pricing and orchestration of a businesses’ fulfillment processes. Order Orchestration and Fulfillment applications include Advanced Pricing, Configurator, Global Order Promising, Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration, and Order Management.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Oracle’s Asset Lifecycle Management applications allow businesses to asses and continually improve the reliability and performance of equipment and tools. This suite allows businesses to become demand-driven and predictive via improved productivity, demand-driven spares and materials, and better compliance and inspection procedures. Asset Lifecycle Management Suite applications include Asset Tracking, Complex Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul, Property Manager, iSupport, and many more.

The aim of Oracle’s manufacturing applications is to help businesses streamline their production cycles. From inception to quality control, Oracle’s manufacturing solutions offer comprehensive management of the entire production cycle, ensuring products are delivered to specs on time. Operational excellence is maximised, collaboration is improved and risk is mitigated via the use of advanced SCM applications that support demand-drive manufacturing with financial integration. Manufacturing applications include Discrete Manufacturing, Flow Manufacturing, Oracle Mobile Supply Chain, Production Scheduling, and more.

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